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Tractor tractors from 1 to 40 Tons, equipped with the most advanced security systems and guaranteeing maximum performance and quality.

VTA 100
Compact, versatile and economical for internal routes. The driver's station makes access easy with minimum effort. Loads of up to 5 tons.
VTA 300
Ideal for towing medium and heavy loads, great maneuverability and autonomy.
Capacity up to 10 tons
VTA 400
Robust and powerful, designed for heavy loads and long distances both indoors and outdoors. Capacity of up to 40 tons.
Áreas De Practica

Tecna Technology

TCS Traction Control System, developed by Tecnacar, making driving safer and saving tire wear.
The new range of seats with different levels of suspension, its integral armrest adjustable in height and depth in a single action, together with the telescopic and tilting column gives the driver maximum ergonomics.
Flux Vector Control
Latest technology programming. Intelligent adaptation to work needs, determining in each case the minimum battery consumption.
pegatina LI-ion negro..png
The programming for the maintenance and the adjustment of the parameters can be done from the big screen, as well as through the Tecna service tool (TST).
Lateral removal of the battery in all models. Li-ion batteries available throughout the range.
“ACS ® (Automatic Collapsible System) anti-tip system developed by Tecnacar for automatic speed reduction in curves.”
Braking system based on fully encapsulated oil-coated discs
High performance motors
The high power of the two traction motors, all asynchronous (maintenance free) guarantees an extremely high dynamic response in any situation.
The protective cabin is floating on hydraulic shock absorbers to transmit maximum comfort to the driver, eliminating vibrations and reducing the noise level.
Nuestra Vision

VTA 100 Series


Powerful, versatile and economical drag tractor to pull trailers up to 5 tons. The 6 Kw AC motor and the optimized Tecna performance system guarantee optimum efficiency in all conditions. With its 75-shor polyurethane tire, the VTA 103/105 provides optimum traction at all times.


  • Models: VTA 103 / VTA 104 / VTA 105

  • Capacities from 3000 kg to 5000 kg

  • Nominal bar shooting from 600 N to 1000 N

  • 1121 mm wheelbase

  • Weight of 910 kg - 1010 kg

  • Track width behind: 595 mm

  • Total height: 1306 mm

  • Ground height: 200 mm

  • Total length: 1436 mm

  • Total width: 800 mm

  • Turning radius: 1460 mm

  • Travel speed with / without load: 8/13 km / h

  • Maximum drawbar pull: from 2200 N to 3800 N

  • Motor power: 2.5 kW (VTA103), 3 kW (VTA104), 6 kW (VTA105)

  • Batteries: 48V 210 Ah / 48V 230 Ah / 48V 250 Ah

VTA 300 Series

VTA 307-10.jpg

Our tractors are particularly efficient when used in the production supply and in the handling of interior and exterior material with a trailer train. Our versatile VTA 305-310 is ideal for towing heavier trailers. It also represents an economical solution of trailer tractors for longer operations. Optimum safety by combining braking systems: regenerative electric brake and electromagnetic parking brake.


  • Models: VTA 305 / VTA 306 / VTA 307 / VTA 308 / VTA 309 / VTA 310

  • Drag capacities from 5000 kg to 10000 kg

  • Shot at nominal bar from 1400 N to 2000 N

  • Wheelbase from 1048 mm to 1268 mm

  • Weight from 1046 kg to 1600 kg

  • Track width in front: 146 mm

  • Track width behind: 808 mm

  • Total height: 1970 mm

  • Total length: 1730 mm

  • Total width: 970 mm

  • Turning radius: from 1624 mm to 1844 mm

  • Travel speed with / without load: 10/18 km / h

  • Maximum drawbar pull: from 5000 N to 8300 N

  • Motor power: 2 x 4.3 kW (8.6 kW)

  • Batteries: 48V 270 Ah / 48V 300 Ah / 48V 400 Ah / 48V 450 Ah

VTA 400 Series


Robust and powerful in indoor and outdoor operations over long distances. Our VTA 410-440 is the answer to the operational demands with heavy trailers up to a total weight of 40 tons. The cab is floating on hydraulic shock absorbers to transmit maximum comfort to the driver, eliminating vibrations and reducing the impact and noise level.


  • Models: VTA 410 / VTA 415 / VTA 420 / VTA 425 / VTA 430 / VTA 440

  • Drag capacities from 10,000 kg to 30,000 kg

  • Shot at nominal bar from 2000 N to 8000 N

  • Wheelbase from 1392 mm to 1625 mm

  • Weight from 2525 kg to 3950 kg

  • Track width in front: 1140 mm

  • Track width behind: 1115 mm

  • Total height: 2074 mm

  • Total length: from 2233 mm to 2491 mm

  • Total width: from 1300 mm to 1350 mm

  • Turning radius: from 2526 mm to 2824 mm

  • Travel speed with / without load: 12/25 km / h

  • Maximum drawbar pull: from 10780 N to 19500 N

  • Motor power: from 2 x 4.3 kW (8.6 kW) to 2 x 12.5 (25 kw)

  • Batteries: 48V 630 Ah / 48V 750 Ah / 80V 450 Ah / 80V 625 Ah

Ancla VTA100
Ancla VTA300
Ancla VTA400




Pol. Ind. Comarca I, calle G nº23 BIS

31160 Orkoien, Navarra


Tel: 948-32-52-99

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